We want to help you, help yourself.  We will train a person within your organization. 

Many customers elect for us to do more and we deliver.  From on-site visits to customization, we want you to succeed, so we will do what is necessary to satisfy your needs.

We believe that bugs are not your fault.  We have a policy to make it right.  We will fix them at no charge.  Testing is done to check programming, however with a large amount of custom programming, they will exist.  Please let us know any bugs you find.  Submit them on our Helpdesk.  You submit the bug as a "Question".

Inventory, Production and Accounting software for Small Manufacturing business


Semi-Custom solution defines the ability to customize a fully functional software package to meet your needs.

We believe that proper use of software requires the blending of your company's processes with the program's methods or capabilities.  It is good to review your processes and borrow from what the software has to improve your system.  Sometimes the software is just not close enough to how you work.  This is were a "semi-custom" solution makes sense.  A total custom solution is very expensive and has a long timeline for implementation, but this semi-custom method just tweaks the current program to work for you. 

We leverage a fully capable software and willingness to bend our software to your process to continue your success.  We have found that little changes to a report or the software itself allows us to improve your methods with less time spent than working around the system.  How many spreadsheets, ledgers, bar code software, do you use outside your inventory and accounting software?

Semi-Custom Solution

We want to make sure you use your software at maximum capacity and one way to do that is by keeping it up to date. Click the links below to get to the latest version of TechnoERP.

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