Reference Vendor pn to Items
Bill of Materials
Labor Tasks (Routings)
Lot Control/Serial Control
MO’s (Work Orders)
Vendor RFQ’s
Purchase Orders
Make-From PO’s
Accounts Payable
Physical Inventory Counts
Shop Scheduling
Independent Labor or OH rates
Material Requirements Planning
Sales Quotations
Sales Orders
Multi-tiered pricing
Quick AR Invoice
Labor Timecard entry
Multiple Warehouse
Issuing or Back-flush Material
Average or Standard cost
Accounts Receivable
Multiple Ship-to’s per customer
Roll-up of Standard cost
Editable Tax tables
General Ledger
Checkbook reconciliation
Financial reporting
User-defined “types”
Document Attaching
Internal Notes
Pop-up Reminders
Email and Web-site Links
Report Explorer
Customizable Forms
Quality System

Inventory, Production and Accounting software for Small Manufacturing business

Manage production and customer orders in one system. Buy parts with MRP or Re-Order point logic. Connect purchase receipts to AP invoices. Build items with detailed BOM’s and Labor Instructions. Create quotes to customers. Track open orders, back orders, and invoices. Open screens for inventory and customers at the same time. Right-click to quickly reference historical information for purchases or general ledger activity. All these activities pass data to the GL system from the AP, AR and Payroll automatically via Journal Vouchers.

Organize your spreadsheets, letters, and drawings. You can attach files to Items, Orders, Customers, or Vendors. The documents are copied to a centralized file system that is accessible anywhere on your network. “Historical Notes” is an open ended tool that can be used for multiple purposes. Consider recording engineering change request on notes attached to a specific Item. Record a phone conversation with a vendor and connect it to a specific purchase order. Each user can review all their tasks in one list, no matter what it is attached to.

Report what is happening. A sample of what is included; quotes, bills-of-material, packing slips, bills of lading, invoices, purchase orders, sales analysis and financials. The reports are made with Crystal Reports which allows modification and customization.


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